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Sep 23, 2011 : Investment Rating for Real Estate :: There are hundreds of macro and micro factors that could potentially impact a property's financial returns, including price appreciation, ability to put it on rent, and vacancy, fair market value, mortgage, maintenance expenses, property tax, property management fee if any , and home insurance. Add on top attributes that span markets, housing, government, community, demographic and lifestyle parameters. A sound rating analysis should cover all aspects of location - national, state, metro, county, city, tracts down to neighborhoods and the property itself like in Leander TX.

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08.09.2011 - | sw

klutts property manager never came to fix air conditioner never fix plumbing in 100 degree weather daughter had a rare skin condition that requires cool air we had to pay outside help to fix air. they rented a house that was in foreclosure for a year
07.18.2011 - | Greg & Peggy

Just wanted to send you a thank you note and let you know how much we 've appreciated your pool services! We 've been really quite happy with the pool cleaning and maintenance services given by Eastlake Pool Service! They are really quite go
07.18.2011 - | Diane Woods

Eastlake Pool Service recently became my pool guy . I have to admit, at first I was apprehensive being I really appreciated the old guy . He took care of my pool! BUT, you have been on time every time, and you have made sure my poo
07.18.2011 - | Bob W.

Eastlake Pool Service is a pleasure to work with. The work on our pool was done in the same day as the request. Wow! You just don t find this kind of service. This is the second time we have used them and they have always done the job fast and e
07.07.2011 - | the owner

Long gone from this address. A renter who abandoned the property and left many broken promises and unpaid bills.
RBC Mortgage Co, Eugene, OR
06.23.2011 - | Grneal0

This is a great company no doubt. But when I want to know about mortgage rates Oregon, I go to http Oregon
Just Management Corp, Flushing, NY
06.13.2011 - | Mr. Not Happy

Just Management is the Worst co op company ever! They don 't seem to have any kind of organized structure. Its impossible to find out who is in charge. Because the rude receptionist wont tell. They are very nice until they get your money. The m
06.09.2011 - | Mparks

Do Not Deal with these scam artists!!! From Jay Klutts to Derek Dawson, the management is horrible, the service is terrible, but worst of all they are terrible liars and thief 's!!! Please read more reviews about this company before you consider doin
06.06.2011 - | cc

Just plain awful, no knowledge what so ever RUDE RUDE RUDE! They lie about everything spend your money elsewhere this is a horrible place to live.
Bobby Haines, Columbus, OH
06.03.2011 - | got ripped

total scammer. complete liar and ripoff. puts up a christian front and took thousands from me and countless others. posing as a non-profit debt consuler secretly skimming thousands of dollars from victims re-financing that he arranges. been in jail f